The Hass-Barks

Who are the Hass-Barks, in 7 (okay, 21) random facts.

Mrs. HB
  1. ...really likes to cook
  2. ...loves the ocean
  3. ...gets really scared when she watches scary movies.
  4. ...can't fix anything to save her life.
  5. ...is a PhD student in Spanish Linguistics. She also teaches Spanish.
  6. ...stinks at Guitar Hero. She's working on it.
  7. ...likes reading genre fiction in her spare time. Please don't make her think about leisure reading.
Mr. HB
  1. ...eats dinner at about 10:30 every night. It helps him sleep for some reason.
  2. ...has never seen the ocean. That should be remedied by our first anniversary.
  3. ...always makes Mrs. HB feel safe--especially after watching a scary movie.
  4. ...knows how to fix all sorts of things. He's very handy.
  5. ...studies Mechanical Engineering. His math skills far exceed those of Mrs. HB.
  6. ...is a champ at Guitar Hero, and hopes with all his heart that Mrs. HB learns to play.
  7. ...doesn't like can't stand rice.

The HBs
  1. ...have a two-year-old wildebeest dog named Greta.
  2. ...enjoy watching The Office, X-files reruns, The Practice reruns, and many other quality television programs, on their sweet HD TV (hooray for wedding gifts!).
  3. ...never fight over the five remotes (mostly because Mrs. HB can't figure out how to make them work).
  4. ...went on their first actual, official date approximately three weeks before they got married. That is to say that most of their dating time consisted of hanging out. Don't tell Elder Oaks.
  5. ...are hoping they can learn to be frugal.
  6. ...are trying to fit all of their clothes into a single walk-in closet. It turns out Mr. HB has a LOT of clothes.
  7. ...love going to movies and taking walks with Greta.


Amina said...

I saw the pictures and they're beautiful!!!!
I can't believe your husband doesn't like rice. I loove rice and eat it every night...lol..
congrats again!!

Lady Steed said...

'can't stand rice'...WHAT?! That's weird.

Also, your pictures were really good.

Someone gave you and HD TV!? Holy Cow--you must have rich and generous relatives/friends.

ferskner said...

My Guitar Hero skills are getting a little better. We should learn together! We'll eventually give Ike a run for his money...

The Big Tortilla said...

Rice is a STAPLE, nay, THE STAPLE!!! How can a person not like THE STAPLE?