I did something on Tuesday that I hadn't dreamed of doing until at least after Labor Day. That's right, I mailed all but five of the thank-you notes from the abundance of gifts we received. I ran out of stamps or I would have mailed all of them. Seems like this cold/sore throat has paid off somewhat.


Andrea said...

That was the fastest I've ever received a thank-you card. Amazing, Mrs Hass-Bark! (But even your blog name will take some getting used to for me!)

Mrs. Hass-Bark said...

It is very weird to have a new last name...

Anonymous said...

MRS. Hass-Bark,

You rock. Couldn't believe how fast you sent out your thank-you's.

Chris and I often talk about how sad it is that so many people don't write thank-you's now. Even if you're not a big thanker, you should AT LEAST do them for shower and wedding gifts.

Writing thank-you's for all occasions is something I'm rather adamant about doing. It's like, if someone had the thoughtfulness to bestow something upon me, it's the least I can do to take three minutes and send them a thank-you to acknowledge their generosity. That's a lesson I'm very grateful my mom taught me.

So, thanks for reassuring me that gratitude is still alive, as I've begun to wonder because I swear that I have not gotten a thank-you for the last two dozen wedding/baby gifts I've given. Not that I'm bitter, just a wee bit disenchanted.

Anyway, enough of the soapbox rant. I hope your enjoying married life, and I hope you'll forgive me for giving a rather lame gift card as a gift. Whenever possible I try to avoid doing that, because it seems rather impersonal. I actually looked at your registry and admired all the lovely things you had picked out, but figured that with how much shipping costs these days, it would give you some extra $$ to just go pick something out yourself if I just put it all on the giftcard. So I hope you pick something fun.

Okay. Sorry about the too-long comment. That's all for now. :)

Lady Steed said...

Heck, I got mine before you even got married--color me impressed! Still waiting for Nem's.

You win!

Mrs. Hass-Bark said...

Charlotte--I'm with you on the the thank-yous. I send them for just about everything under the sun. I figure if I enjoy getting them that much, other people must too.

LS--YES! I love winning!