Cooking for the In-laws

Mr. H-B's family lives locally, so we see them on a fairly regular basis for birthdays and holiday festivities. However, his parents have never seen where we live. We decided to invite Mr. and Mrs. B, along with Mr. H-B's aunt, over to watch the final session of General Conference and then join us for dinner. 

This seemed like a great idea in theory. Mr. H-B's aunt wants to 'make sure we have everything we need'. (Read: She wants to buy us presents.) We get to show off our relatively homey apartment. I get to make Mr. H-B's favorite meal. Except here's the thing:


All the yoga breathing in the world isn't calming me down. 


Amina said...

good luck!!
I would be so nervous and even be tempted to order from a restaurant and pretend i cooked it..lol

Deborah said...

You're an awesome cook so your anxiety will stress you out but you really have nothing to worry about. p.s. Did you realize you used "Ike's" real name in your post?

ferskner said...

You'll be fine in so many ways. Your in-laws love you, you are a fabulous cook, and your apartment is lovely. It's Greta I would be worried about ;).

Kelly said...

The first time my in-laws came over for dinner, they also came to stay for 3 days! I was just a little nervous, as you can imagine. But it went really well.

They already know and love you, I know it will be great.

Mrs. Hass-Bark said...

Thanks guys! I have to say that I'm worried enough about Greta that she'll be spending most of the visit on the porch (if the rain hasn't started) or in her dog cave. I'm such a cruel master.