Pains in My, Well, You-Know-Where

  • Canker sores. On my tongue? Fine, whatever. Down my throat? Again? I don't think so.
  • Grading essays. Forty-two of them. In (mostly) awful Spanish. With this ridiculously detailed grading rubric. Ugh. Por favor.
  • Greta's outright refusal to cooperate with pretty much anything. See previous post about spitting food on the floor. Also includes a pathological need to pace on the linoleum by the front door. Nails clicking on the floor all day long. click, click, click...click, click, click... This from the dog who refuses to enter the kitchen because of the presence of said linoleum. click, click, click...click, click, click...click, click, cli...BOOM!
  • Cars. $1800 to fix the suspension and brakes on my car. I haven't been to the dentist in five years. We don't have money for this.


ferskner said...

Greta!!! I hope I shall see you again. Don't let Mrs. H-B get to you!!!!!!!

Kim Butt said...

Oh, the joys of newleywedhood! It gets better, I promise!

llegue said...

I know!!! Dentists are awful supposedly I'm suppose to pay 500 dollars on a crown and that's WITH insurance..por favor indeed!