September 2nd

School starts tomorrow. Let me tell you, I'm just not that prepared. I am teaching an institute class in addition to two sections of a new Spanish course. I'm also taking three classes of my own: sociolinguistics, statistics (ugh), and Quechua. Fortunately, the Quechua class replaces are more intensive course that I was previously registered for. I feel much less overwhelmed by the prospect of coursework this semester. I'm also on my department's graduate student advisory committee, requiring twice monthly meetings and my attendance at a variety of booze-fueled events. It's going to be a crazy semester.

Mr. HB started school nearly two weeks ago. He's taking a math class, two engineering classes and an organizational behavior class. He commutes an hour each way, so he only attends class three days a week. We expect to move closer to his campus once I'm finished with coursework (this spring) so that he won't have such a long commute. 


La Dolcezza said...

I almost forgot about your teaching institute! I wish I could take that class. Will you pretend like I am there and call on me sometimes anyway?

ferskner said...

Wait wait wait...moving?! I don't like the sound of that. Not one bit.

I wish your institute class was during a time I could go!

chosha said...

Poor Stats...so universally unloved. :)

Amelia Hohl said...

I miss you Maria. You look beautiful in your wedding photo. Sorry I keep missing your IMs. I'm usually nursing and have limited time to be on the computer. Henry lost his shoes at the zoo today and then bloodied up his toe. I made him walk to the car, screaming the whole way to drive in what happens when he loses his shoes. Is that bad? Most of the parents at the zoo gave me dirty looks. I'm all about the tough love. Anyway, I miss you!