Stupid B1urb

So my efforts to convert my former T*pepad blog into a book have been quite unsuccessful. After repeated attempts to follow the deceptively clear instructions from the B1urb website, I contacted customer service. After several emails with a very friendly tech support person, I thought the problem was resolved when he sent me the book files he had s1urped for me. No such luck. No matter what I did, I couldn't get the book to open. When I contacted tech support again, I got a generic email about compatibility issues with T*pepad and B1urb.

Yeah, isn't that what I tried to tell you when I started this whole customer service dialogue?

So as it stands, I have no book. This means that I'll have to go through the old blog posts one-by-one and determine what I want to keep. Seems like a lot of work, but I'm definitely not paying $90 a year to blog anymore. Maybe it will be fun.



ferskner said...

But still, I love technology. Always and forever.

Th. said...


That's crap. I hate false promises.

(Save all, I recommend.)

Brian said...

Hey, it's Ann but logged in as Brian. I did not like how my blog slurped (and since I post via Picasa the photos all got messed up) and so I hand made it with each post. It took a long time but the final product was so worth it! Have you ordered from Blurb before? They are great!