Banana Dogs


Is it ever appropriate to give each of your children a whole, unpeeled banana and a whole, cold hot dog for a snack during Sacrament Meeting?


I don't know. But next week we're bringing Taco Bell.


Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

We had a kid bring a whole package of pepperoni to our CTR 5 class one time. We have a strict "no food" policy in our buildings in our stake so we told the parents not to let them bring it again. They said, "oh, were they being bad with it?" No, but pepperoni is GREASY and MESSY and NOT APPROPRIATE for the church house!

ferskner said...

WHAT?!?!??! You mean the intense cold hot dog cravings that I get every week during the rest hymn could have been satisfied???????

Mrs. Hass-Bark said...

cm--that is SO much worse. ew, ew, ew

f--uh, YEAH.

Lady Steed said...

REALLY!!!??? That is....shocking and hilarious!

We usually bring pretzels and dried cranberries.

Pepperoni!!?? HAHAHA!!! What are those parents thinking??!!