Certificate of Welcome for Whom!?

Mr. H-B and I have been married for just over 2 months (2 months and five days, as a matter of fact) and, while I am not such a pro at being married as Miss Nem (Mr. H-B would whole-heartedly agree that my adjustment to marriage has been, shall we say, bumpy*), I am a pro at going through the mail and sorting it. Imagine my surprise at receiving an envelope from the G*rber Life Insurance Company. Just above the address (just to me, interestingly) it said this: "Free Personalized Certificate of Welcome for Your Child!" 

Pardon me, but does G*rber Life Insurance Company assume that I got married because I was pregnant? (Please note: I am not pregnant, nor have I ever been pregnant. So stop hyperventilating. MOM.) Talk about jumping the gun people.

*I promise to expound further. Be assured that the bumpiness is by no means the fault of Mr. H-B.


Amina said...

2 months already. Time flies!
Please let us know about the bumpy road. I've always been scared about marriage since i am such a loner :)

i am afraid hubby might find me too unsocial...lol

ferskner said...

I think you should keep this certificate. You never know when an arbitrary certificate of welcome for a fake child could come in handy.

Th. said...


Actually, it'll never happen unless you jump the gun.

Or so I hear.