Election Thoughts

  1. Robo calls and nasty-gram pamphlets are clearly not the way to get votes* in this state.
  2. Why is it that people who express strong rabid anti-socialist sentiments suddenly want to move to Canada or Europe?
  3. Thank heaven it's over.

*I should have specified this before.


Amina said...

oh yes...i have a presentation outline to turn in for Alejandro and haven't even started yet!!

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

I don't know...the robo ads and nasty campaigning seemed to work for Obama.

I am glad it's over too. I wouldn't want to move to Canada or Europe though. They're closer to socialism than we are... (I did hear of an E.L.I.T.E plan for Dems. to move to Canada if McCain were to win.)

I have to admit, I'm mighty afraid of Obama's socialistic tendencies. I'm also worried about having a Dem. pres., Dem. House and Dem. Senate. Whatever though.

ferskner said...

I'm sad it's over because I love election season, but not sad at the outcome!!!!! EEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly said...

All of my conservative Facebook friends are freaking out about socialism today.

A) He's not a socialist.

B) For the Mormons, do you even get that whole "law of consecration" thing? Because the way you freak out about health care for all and the idea of equitable distribution makes me think maybe not.

Of course, I don't necessarily think socialism is horrible, so I may be biased.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Sorry if I say things I shouldn't...please delete my comments if they are ever offensive. I never mean to be.

I don't think Obama's a hard core socialist. I do think he has socialistic tendencies.

As for the law of consecration/united order, it only works with righteous, dedicated and hard working people with hearts knit in unity. We couldn't even make it work in the church let alone the nation as a whole...

There are a whole lot of people who take advantage of the welfare system in place. It just seems to me that if we keep giving things out for "free" (like health care), we'll end up with a totally slothful nation who feels entitled to everything without doing a lick of work for it.

I do think that insurance should be more accessible and it's unfortunate that there are a lot of hard working people without insurance. I just don't think it's the government's place to regulate all of that.

I am really interested to see who he chooses as his cabinet.

Kelly said...

Celia Marie, I'm sorry!! It totally came across like I was attacking you and I did not mean that at all. I was just dashing off a quick comment to Mrs. Hass-Bark's post and I hadn't read any of the other comments.

As far as health care, I don't have a solution, but I do think that health care should be one of those things that everyone has access to. The biggest problem with a nationalized health care system is I think you would really have to change the way people think in this country. Having heard a lot of people in other countries talk about their health care systems, I think pulling it off in the U.S. would be difficult because everyone is used to getting the maximum amount of tests and procedures that have even a smidgen of hope of helping without really having to wait for it (I'm speaking generally. My mom has been waiting to get a surgery for over a year. Grrr).