Almost a month ago I was asked to teach the 10-year-old Sunday School class at church. Having worked with this age group exactly never, I had no idea what to expect. I taught the 5-year-old Sunday School class when I was 18 and they were, to be kind, total monsters. I remember taking away all of their chairs and sitting on the floor every Sunday because one of them just could not resist the temptation to use the chair to climb in the window sill and jump. Over and over again. When my mom taught kindergarten, I hated going to her room to help (sorry, mom!) because the little sticky-handed kids insisted on hugging me (a personal space issue that is gradually disappearing).

Due to a variety of circumstances (illness, death, illness, Primary program) I didn't begin teaching my class until this Sunday. I spent most of the morning preparing the lesson about a New Testament story I had never read (the shame!) and generally stressing and driving poor Mr. H-B crazy. I know I'm a good teacher (for adults), but by the time Primary rolled around my stomach was churning and I had a pounding headache.

Imagine my sheer delight when I discovered that my class consisted of four bright, (relatively) attentive children. All of them eagerly participated in class, offering comments and answering questions (perhaps motivated by a bag of Smarties...who knows). Sure, they were chatty, but no one jumped out of a window sill or grabbed my leg with sticky hands.

I think we're in for a fun ride.


Layton Mom said...

Sounds like lots of fun! I am sure you will be great. I get to have 10 8-yr old cub scouts at my house weekly. Now, doesn't that sound like loads of fun?

Kelly said...

Oh what I would give to have kids like that in Primary.

The good ones - not the bad ones you mentioned before.

ferskner said...

Wait wait wait - you are my sister in personal space issues! Now who will understand that I don't want hugs???

I hope this works out for you - primary teacher may be a worse calling than RS Pres. I hope I never have the experiences to let me judge that objectively.

Amina said...

aaaw...they sound so loving :)
I can't teach kids...lol...
i am scared of them and they can be too much for me...

so i had my meeting with Y....aaargh...i sometimes wonder if i'll ever get a perfect observation