You know you care

This is all ferskner's fault.

8 TV shows I love to watch
  1. Arrested Development
  2. Monk
  3. The Office
  4. Boston Legal (and old episodes of The Practice)
  5. SNL
  6. Brothers & Sisters
  7. Desperate Housewives (shameful, I know)
  8. Gossip Girl (soooo much worse)
8 favorite restaurants
  1. Shanti
  2. Siam House
  3. House of Hunan
  4. Aver's
  5. Market Street Grill
  6. Bertucci's (but only for the Sporkie pizza)
  7. Thai Ruby
  8. Anywhere I can get a medium-rare steak
8 things that happened yesterday
  1. I voted.
  2. Mr. H-B and I celebrated my birthday.
  3. I watched excessive amounts of election coverage.
  4. Stephen Colbert made me laugh. Hard.
  5. I ate birthday pizza for dinner.
  6. I ate birthday cupcakes for breakfast.
  7. I didn't teach institute. Again.
  8. It was a beautiful day in my state for many reasons.
8 things I'm looking forward to
  1. Putting up the Christmas tree with Mr. H-B.
  2. Thanksgiving with Mr. H-B's family.
  3. Christmas with my family.
  4. Listening to Christmas music from now until December 26.
  5. Finishing my brother and sister-in-law's Christmas present.
  6. FINALLY sorting through wedding pictures.
  7. The end of this semester.
  8. The end of next semester--my last semester of classes EVER.
8 things on my wish list
  1. World peace
  2. Wireless Mighty Mouse
  3. New struts for my car
  4. Freedom from credit card debt
  5. A two-bedroom apartment
  6. A desk AND a kitchen table
  7. A maid
  8. Enough shelves for all of our books


Amina said...

i loove reading your list :)

ferskner said...

Bah Gossip Girl!!!! It's so bad - and so good!

I'm also looking forward to you finishing that Christmas present. :)

kip said...

Amen to the Sporkie and those rolls...but not the subpar pasta and everything else.

Jenae said...

I am so glad that you share my guilty pleasure of gossip girl. I am always almost afraid to admit it! It is so addicting and I love to watch it. It makes your brother dissapointed in me though :)!

Amina said...

thank you for the suggestion. I suppose I can get melatonin at the health store. What time shall i take it? an hour before sleeping?