Christmas is Coming

We have this video of my brother, W, when he was about six years old. He looked at the camera and said, "Christmas is coming", in his little sing-song voice. Of course, W is now 26 going on 27, but his enthusiasm for the holiday season is something we repeat year after year.

After an eventful year (weddings, funerals, and babies), we are all gathering at the new-ish homestead in New Mexico. W is the last one to get here, his flight delayed by the winter weather that has swept across the country. He and his wife are bringing their two children, one of whom is very aware of Santa. Though his understanding of presents is not necessarily as advanced because, when asked what presents he wants, his response is, "Blue". (It could be argued that this is a better response than his usual, "Poop".

The Hass family has been a nomadic one since my parents were married 31 years ago. They have lived in California, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Peru, and now New Mexico. My brothers have lived in Idaho and Texas and I have lived in Massachusetts and Indiana. It's funny that no matter where we happen to be celebrating the holiday, whether it be a water park in southern Brazil or an old house in Lexington, family is what makes it feel like home.

We are looking forward to having a holiday together--likely the last that all of the children will be home since our families are growing and we are scattering ever more distantly from my parents--filled with movies, tasty treats, games, and lots of talking. I hope that the holiday brings you peace and joy (and good weather).

Until the gift-reporting,

Mrs. H-B


Amina said...

happy holidays!!

Melyngoch said...

I found you! Your old blog was taken over my aliens in my absence.