The List

It's the end of the semester. Ergo, so*, it's list time.

  1. Complete paper work for my Spring independent study class
  2. Meet with supervisor to review final exam
  3. Meet with supervisor to discuss possibility of giving a student an IncompleteSuccess! Sometimes good things happen
  4. Extract imperfect subjunctive tokens from the transcripts of 65 speakers from Caracas and Seville
  5. Code previously mentioned tokens
  6. Find a substitute for primary class
  7. Run analysis of tokens using G*ldvarb
  8. See the doctor re: Myriad Infections and Illnesses (I hope I'm not dying)Am not dying and was also convinced to get flu shot
  9. Prepare an institute lesson and hope people come to class
  10. Teach instituteBest lesson ever
  11. Write a paper based on the results of G*ldvarb analysis 21 pages and counting with only editing to do once my partner comes back with her previous literature section
  12. Write 15 questions in Inga for final exam
  13. Write a paper about Inga because some brown-noser just couldn't let the teacher forget about the assignment. Stupid brown-nosers
  14. Grade homework assignments
  15. Wrap present for brother-in-law (see below)
  16. Attend a family birthday party
  17. Buy/make and wrap gifts for visiting teachees and primary children and the ever-so-helpful department secretaries. Seriously. They are awesome.
  18. Attend ward Christmas partyYeah, that didn't happen on account of I was at the library until well after the party got started
  19. Prepare a primary lesson
  20. Teach Primary class
  21. Study for statistics exam or, rather, organize materials for open book, open note stats exam
  22. Give final exam
  23. Take statistics final exam
  24. Grade final exams
  25. Meet with supervisor for check out appointment
  26. Post grades online
  27. Meet with counselor re: The CrazyNot happening due to weather-induced change in travel plans
  28. Shop for road trip (see below)
  29. Finish wrapping Christmas gifts to take to New MexicoHomer Simpson: There's a NEW Mexico?
  30. Pack car to drive to parents' house
  31. Attend party at DC's house. Maybe.Nope
  32. Drug Greta
  33. Leave immediately after meeting with supervisor and drive to Tulsa, OK
  34. Stay the night and then get up and drive the rest of the way to ABQ, but not until Greta is drugged
  35. Drive 18 hours
  36. Collapse on air mattress in the TV room and sleep for 48 hours

Thank heaven I did most of my Christmas shopping already.

*This is for you, ferksner.


ferskner said...

Hehehehehehehehe!!!!! Thankee! And you know how I love a good list, especially when it is translucent on your desktop.

Amina said...

girl, you need an assistant...
at least you have a list.
I 'd rather be in denial..lol

MariLouise said...

Primary children need no wrapped gifts. (Hey--just trying to help.)