This morning while in a particularly exhausted state, I opened a series of pill bottles to take a vitamin, a generic Mucin*x, and some ibuprofen. Stupidly, I also took a m*latonin. I think that since I usually take a vitamin and a m*latonin at night, my hand just reached for the bottle, shook out a pill and popped it in my mouth. I had already dry-swallowed* the entire handful of pills when I said out loud, "Crap! I just took a m*latonin."

Don't let anyone tell you that m*latonin doesn't make you sleepy during the day. Teaching a coherent class at 8am is nearly impossible every morning, but today was downright torturous. I just wanted to say, "Hang on a sec. I'm just going to lie down right here on the cozy linoleum."

I can't wait to go home and take a nap!

*I include this only to impress you with my mad pill-taking skills.


Amina said...

oh no....enjoy your nap!!

ferskner said...

Gah, that sounds miserable. I hope it was the greatest nap of your life.

Sylvia said...

I take a night medication that knocks me out too, and have accidentally taken it in the morning a couple of times - once when I had to drive to a stake conference an hour away. (One hour driving + 2 hours listening to speakers + another hour driving = a miracle I made it home in one piece...)