Winter-y Changes

After last semester (aka the semester from hell), we decided to institute some changes around here.

First: Get organized. We started by planning two weeks worth of menus and doing some of the prep work ahead of time. Then we put all of our academic due dates on one combined calendar. This way Mr. H-B won't be confused as to why I've been at the library for 24 of the last 36 hours.

Second: Have more fun. Somewhere between high school and now, I forgot how to relax. I drive poor Mr. H-B crazy with the near-constant puttering when we try to watch television or a movie. So far I've only succeeded in sleeping through everything we watch; but it's definitely better than before.

Third: Get outside and get some sun. This is a nearly impossible goal here, but on sunny-ish days we're going to spend a little time outside with Greta.

Cross fingers that this semester won't put anybody over the edge of sanity.

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