On Sun

Despite having grown up in the land of perpetual winter (northeastern Nevada, unlike Las Vegas, is snowy and cold from mid-October to late April), I just don't like winter. I blame it on living 18 months in Santiago, Chile where, sure, it was chilly, dark and wet for a couple of months, but none of this snowy and cloudy for six months business. This is my fourth winter in the Midwest (and my sixth since leaving the somewhat regular sunny winter days in the West) and I still can't get used to weeks on end of gray skies and bone-chilling cold. The sun has been out for the last few days and my mood has improved exponentially, if it's possible for a mood to improve in such a way. As much as I dislike humidity, I will take weeks of sweltering August days over winter any day of the week.

Get out of here clouds, and send back the sun!

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