Six Months

Today marks six months of sharing a bed with another human being. I am pleased to report that, though there have been threats of strangling, stabbing or other general Manson-esque mayhem, I have managed not to kill Mr. H-B in his sleep.

These months have certainly entailed a great deal of adjustment for me. For example, the addition of Mr. H-B's laundry to mine tripled the workload. Not because he's extra dirty, but because his t-shirts and socks are so much bigger than mine. Also, unnecessary trips to Target no longer go unquestioned.

Of course, there have been many more pleasant discoveries. I will list them here in no particular order:
  • we spend so much less money on gas than I thought we would since we aren't driving to and from all kinds of church activities
  • there are two people to wash dishes, vacuum and fold laundry
  • Mr. H-B will take Greta outside about 90% of the time
  • it no longer seems like I'm talking to myself when I watch TV (even if Mr. H-B isn't listening)
  • since I always considered myself a loner, I am pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy spending time with Mr. H-B
So, thanks for six fun and interesting months, Mr. H-B! I hope we have hundreds more months together.

**Also, I apologize for making anyone else as uncomfortable as I made myself with this uncharacteristic public display of affection. Ferskner, I hope you don't feel too much proxy shame.


Amina said...

yay! I loove hearing about your marriage!!
It is interesting i am also a loner and it is reassuring to hear that we might have space for another one..

Deborah said...

Congratulations on not killing your husband for invading your space. I know that's an issue. Does he at least let you go to Target after he questions your motives? He better; that's kind of a staple for you (me, too. Things haven't changed since we were roommates).

Control said...

It's good to make Ferskner feel some proxy shame from time to time...it builds her character.

Mrs. Hass-Bark said...

Amina--Yes. There may be space!

Deb--Sometimes I can go to Target. I don't want to all the time, though.


Melyngoch said...

Threats of strangling and stabbing, and that one chap-stick-throwing incident . . .

ferskner said...

You have no idea...I have to go take some Benadryl now to get rid of the hives.