Technology Diet

I resisted f*cebook for a very long time because I know that, where time-wasting is concerned, I am queen. I finally activated an account when I returned from Spain two summers ago and was sucked in immediately. Since then, I have spent countless hours catching up with old friends and keeping up with everyone else. Add that to the hours I spend reading and sending emails, reading blogs, and general surfing of the internet, and you have days on end spent online.

So, what to do? In the spirit of New Year's resolutions, I decided to limit the amount of time I spend online. I set a limit of three online periods per day--1 time in the morning, 1 quick check at mid-day, and 1 time in the evening. I instituted the policy yesterday and had the most productive day I've had in months. So there you go!

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ferskner said...

Yay!!! I kind of love that my laptop isn't able to get online right now (sometimes...sometimes I like it) because I don't spend my late evenings thinking "I really should go to bed, but oh look that girl I talked to once in high school took a quiz".