Appendix, Who Needs Ya?





one helluva night


FoxyJ said...

Um, wow. At least that's the sort of drama that only happens once.

Julie said...

Oy, poor guy! (And poor you too!) I hope he has a quick recovery.

ewj said...


Are you keeping it in such a jar?

Anonymous said...

Ugggg. No fun. :(

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

We've been through this. Right after we moved here. I had to find an urgent care online since I didn't know my way around. Then they miss diagnosed him and sent him home. Then we went back the next morning because he puked ALL NIGHT LONG (probably every 10 min. from 2AM on). Then they still misdiagnosed him and morphed him up and re-hydrated him till they could get a doctor to admit him to a hospital.

After an $850 ambulance ride (not covered by our insurance), I left him at the hospital that night thinking he had kidney stones and the next day I got there and his appendix had been removed! I felt so bad for him, but luckily it didn't rupture despite all the misdiagnoses.

April said...

Oooo good luck with that one. I hope the recovery goes well.

Mrs. Hass-Bark said...

FJ--thank heavens!


ewj--sadly, no such luck. he asked for a picture, though, so we'll see...

C--I know, right?

celia--UGH. What a horrible story! (I remembered having read someONE'S horror appendix story. Thanks for reminding me it was you!) I'm glad we at least knew where the hospital was and that they would accept his insurance.

A--thanks! so far, so good.

ferskner said...

Sad! Did you really keep it in a jar?