Way back in 2004, my roomies and I made predictions about each other. I opened mine today (a few months early) and here's what they say:

Kip's predictions are first, followed by Mrs. W.'s

Mrs. H-B will:
  • be living in Texas (nope)
  • have a PhD (not yet)
  • be married to a Texas rancher (a Midwest farmer kind of counts)
  • be pregnant with first child (nope, not an announcement)
  • have cows & dogs (just the one dog)
  • be teaching part-time (yes, as part of my fellowship)
  • be a Mary Kay representative (HA!)
  • have her sisters living with her (hmmmm...odd prediction)
Mrs. H-B will:
  • be living in Murray, Utah (again, no)
  • be teaching at the University of Utah (I wouldn't be opposed to this in a few years)
  • be married to an accountant who is FUNNY (Mr. H-B isn't an accountant, but he IS funny)
  • have a dog and a one-year-old boy named Nathaniel (just the dog, thanks)
  • be Relief Society President (Primary teacher and Institute teacher--and very grateful not to be the Relief Society President)
  • be teaching baking (no, just baking a lot)
I wonder if Kip and Mrs. W. have their predictions anywhere...


kip said...

Oh dear. That must have been a product of a late night.

Your predictions for me were only accurate on the marriage front.

living in NM (nope)
running an autism program (nope)
2 girls with curly hair (nope)
selling tupperware (nope)
cat named Jezebel (nope)

I'm just grateful we don't have the same jobs as we did back then!

Alicia said...

Oh My Gosh!!! I had totally forgotten about those! I don't even know where mine is... right now our place is soooo unorganized! I, like kip, am glad not to be at that same job!

Julie said...

This reminds me of when I used to write letters to myself to open a year later or whatever. I kind of have the urge to write another one right now...

ferskner said...

I wish you were RS Pres...then we could go to Stake Leadership Training tomorrow night tomorrow and sit in the back and cross-stitch and be snarky. Should I admit to that?