Look, I know most of you are here for Greta. I get it, she's adorable. This picture is old, but it represents how Greta wishes she could spend the majority of her time.

Since Mr. H-B and I are now officially old, married, and broke, the dog no longer gets her fancy monthly spa days with nail trimming, brushing and, most importantly, regular hair cuts. Greta is starting to look more like a wooly mammoth and less like a dog (also partly because everyone at our house has gained the freshman 15).

Now that Greta is a long-haired dog, she likes to pursue long-haired dog activities. These activities include, but are not limited to:
  • shedding profusely and on every surface imaginable. Dog hair on clothes? Ha! You amateur. Try dog hair in your hair, on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinets and, if you're really lucky, in the refrigerator (don't worry, I clean these areas fastidiously, and guests are never required to consume the hair)
  • developing mats that must be either cut out or brutally combed out and are usually located in the dog's, ahem, nether regions
  • hacking coughs following self-grooming due to, I assume, the consumption of hair
  • panting because 68 degrees is now too hot for the animal's super-insulated body
  • rolling in the snow, developing more of the aforementioned mats, and eating huge quantities of the fluffy white stuff.

Still, despite the new developments, we kind of like her.


Leah said...

I remember when you used to love her...

Señora H-B said...

Yeah...those were the good ol' days when all was fun and fancy free. Good times.

ferskner said...

Please tell me that she won't have had her hair cut when I come on Saturday because she's seriously the cutest thing ever all crazy furry.

Señora H-B said...

Unless we miraculously come into a) a grooming appointment and b) $50 to pay the groomer, Greta will be exceptionally furry.