Things I Like (15 March 2010)

  2. Naps
  3. Daylight Savings
  4. Red Tulips
  5. TiVo
  6. Crash hot potatoes
  7. Digital iron
  8. Sewing with friends
  9. Silver jewelry
  10. Naps


ferskner said...

YEAH friend sewing! Our little sweatshop was so fun! I have all this other stuff I need to do before I go to Cali, but I just want to sew! I should have known that all I needed was having you explain things to me to get me excited about it, since you are my PDG. As for your next project, how about a bandana table runner?

(Personal Domestic Goddess)

Señora H-B said...

I would LOVE to make a bandana table runner. Wouldn't it look so beautiful with my velvet pumpkins or, better yet, my heirloom tomato patch?

Camie said...

I am ALL ABOUT the crash hot potatoes!! LOVE THEM! I make them at least once a week. Have you tried the cranberry pork tenderloin--WOW.

Señora H-B said...

I haven't tried that, but I definitely will. Thanks for the recommendation!