Things I Like (8 March 2010)

  1. SPRING!!!
  2. Mr. H-B
  3. Greta
  4. Family (in all its incarnations)
  5. My poor, sad, iBook G4
  6. America's Test Kitchen
  7. Celestial Seasoning's Bengal Spice
  8. White dishes
  9. Swagbucks (yay free Amazon giftcards)
  10. Ebates (hooray free money for doing the shopping I was going to do anyway)


Julie said...

I used to have a box of Bengal Spice that was passed onto me from a moving sibling. I don't like herb tea so I never actually used it, but sometimes I would open that box and get a good whiff of it because it smells so delicious.

Jena Nicole said...

I also love America's Test Kitchen. I was just introduced to it over Christmas, while at the in-laws. But, it strikes me as being much like Alton Brown's show; which, I also love.

Señora H-B said...

Julie--It tastes really good too. I think the cinnamon makes it sweet so I don't have to use sugar. mmmm...

Jena--It's seriously the best! I love all of the testing that goes into everything. I know the recipe will turn out if I just follow their instructions. Sometimes they're whack-a-doo, but whatever.

ferskner said...

MMMMMMM ATK.....Chris Kimball....mmmmmmm

Okay, I'm just kidding. I need more info on Swagbucks.

Señora H-B said...

I will tell you all about it. I've earned $20 in giftcards in the last 6 months. It's not a lot, but hey, every little bit helps. Right?