It's been a year and I finally miss blogging. I wasn't sure if it would ever happen. What I do know is that the year off was a nice break and I have a better perspective about the role that blogging should play in my life. I commit to not feeling guilty for wanting to express myself through words or photos. I commit to not feeling guilty for not wanting to blog.

So what have the Hass-Barks been up to? Not all that much actually.

April 2009-March 2010
  • We moved into a two-bedroom apartment in the big city (if I feel especially motivated, I'll show you pictures of our lovely sloped ceilings--it feels very A Little Princess-y)
  • It took us three months to actually make the move--I stayed in town to teach and prepare our apartment for move-out while Mr. H-B lived in our new place with Greta and took classes (It was a very long three months, but we got over 75% of our deposit back because of my spackling and painting skills)
  • We attempted to cut Greta's hair with somewhat disastrous consequences
  • I took and passed my PhD qualifying exams
  • We spent Christmas with Mr. H-B's family--my first Christmas away from my family (with the exception of two Christmases in Chile)--and it was divine to not travel in December
  • I got a sewing machine for Christmas
  • I successfully sewed something in January (photos to come)
  • I made my first quilt (photos to come)
  • I learned about FlyLady and Unclutterer and changed the way I approach work of all varieties
  • I decided to blog again
We look the same, we still like each other, and Greta is still entertaining us with all of her antics.

It feels good to be back.


No beans Ten said...

I glad you're back! I've been contemplating coming back myself with a new updated look. We'll see. I haven't committed yet, but maybe you will be my inspiration (like so many times previously)!

Señora H-B said...

Thanks for commenting! I was wondering if anyone would still be around. Hooray for fans!

(You should definitely come back.)

Jena said...

Oh, I am so glad... I'll be looking forward to future blogs!

Señora H-B said...


Amina said...

YAY!! you're back!! Looking forward to reading your blog posts!

ferskner said...

Dreams DO come true! Because, yes, your return to blogging was my dream.

Two things I love: that you called it the "big city" and that you also read Alinea at Home.

Señora H-B said...

Amina--Thanks! I'll try to be entertaining. ;)

ferskner--haha. Big city.... I love Alinea at Home! It's my new favorite. The writer is very funny.

Kim said...

Yay. I've missed reading about all your fun. Although, I understand. I often feel like taking a somewhat permanent break from my little blog. And I don't even put all that much effort into it. :)

Señora H-B said...

It definitely gets overwhelming when you feel like you HAVE to blog. I hope it doesn't get that way again, but I'm not opposed to another break. :)