In an effort to eat fewer mealy, bland tomatoes, I decided to try gardening a bit on our balcony. I'll be honest, I haven't been very attentive and am learning a lot about gardening in the Midwest (as opposed to my vast (ha!) experience in the West).

Before the seeds even began to sprout, white, fuzzy mold started to be a problem. I stupidly used the top of the seed packet to indicate what was what. After only a couple of weeks, they were completely illegible thanks to a healthy coating of mold. (Confession: I hate mold. I shudder just thinking about how I had to touch it to get the moldy labels out of the little terrarium.) I have no clue what kinds of tomatoes I'm growing. It will all be a surprise to me.

A lot of my seedlings didn't survive and I'm not sure what's killing them. I don't know if I watered too much or not enough. Still, given that I planted about 36 plants for a 15-foot balcony, it's probably a good thing that not everything survived. Tomatoes, peppers and basil look to be the promising crop of 2010.

Do you garden? What do you plant? Tell me your success stories!

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Heidi said...

My hubby and I are trying our hand at gardening this year as well. So far we have planted tomatoes, bell peppers, cilantro, lavendar, strawberries, raspberries and grapes. All of these are in planters on the porch/patio. We still have yet to till our garden plot to sow the rest of our seeds, so don't know if that will happen this year or not. So far everything seems to be growing pretty well, but these were all things that we bought as plants and did not grow from seeds. Good luck with your garden!