Normally I am not an allergy sufferer. However, every few years, winter weather and the spring warm-up create the perfect pollen storm and I am miserable. I remember it happening the last summer I lived in Massachusetts. My car was coated in pale yellow-green dust. So pretty, but so, so irritating.

source (and, holy cow, Atlanta, that's a LOT of pollen!)

This year, the Midwest and, according to this article, much of the Eastern half of the US, are experiencing extreme pollen counts. Even if the story hadn't been on the front page of weather.com, the raging sore throat, headache, aching ears, and endless sneezing would have been a pretty good indicator that pollen was in the air.

The good news? Rain is in the forecast for Friday.

Now, excuse me while I go find another box of tissues.


Sylvia said...

I totally agree that pollen=misery - I *do* have really bad allergies, so much that I've been getting shots for the past year (thus this spring has been much less painful than usual). Two advices:

1) Zyrtec works wonders.

2) I recommend the expensive tissues with lotion. Otherwise you're going to scrape your nose raw. The extra $1 is SO worth it.

Señora H-B said...

You're the second person today to recommend Zyrtec. I'll be making a stop on my way home this afternoon. Thanks!!

I'm a firm believer in lotion tissues. I have some of those little packets (sans lotion) and I hate them. It's like wiping my nose with a sheet of notebook paper.