Things I Like (5 April 2010)--Mom Edition

It's no secret that my mom is awesome. I don't know anyone who doesn't like her (well, except me from age 13-19). Since I grew up and stopped acting like a teenager, she has been one of my very best friends.

Things I Like About My Mom:
  1. She is friendly
  2. She is always willing to serve other people
  3. She is hilarious
  4. She taught me to cook 
  5. and then let me experiment in her kitchen (as long as I cleaned up)
  6. She taught me to appreciate music, art, and an organized workspace
  7. By her example, I learned not to be afraid to live in new places
  8. She's always ready to talk on the phone, especially about stupid things our dogs do
  9. She loves Mr. H-B
  10. She loves me
Happy Birthday, mom!


Jena Nicole said...

Awwe. This is sweet.

Señora H-B said...

What can I say? I have an awesome mom!

Grandma H said...

My tears are dripping on the keyboard! I love you! Thank you my dear "Mania"

Señora H-B said...

Aw, I'm glad you liked it mama. It's all true! Except that I was terrible for a lot longer than I wrote. ;)

ferskner said...

Dear Mrs. H-B's mom,

Thank you for teaching her how to cook.

Love, ferskner

Señora H-B said...

Aw, she'd tell you you're welcome. ;)

Amina said...

Your mom is sooo nice and welcoming! I enjoyed meeting her at your bridal shower(lawd, it sounds like it was ages ago..time flies!)