Tupperware Used to Make Me Crazy

One of my biggest secret shames (and I have many, let me tell you) is kitchen storage. It should come as no surprise to many of you that I like kitchen gadgets. Zester? Yes, please. Avocado slicer? That sounds intriguing. However, I also love all manner of serving dishes and even food storage containers.

Before we moved to the big city, I had a 1/2 a cabinet that I could devote to corraling my ever-growing plastic container collection. Despite the space, there was always the risk of a cascade of containers exploding out of the cabinet. Many a dinner ended in cursing, not because the food was bad, but because the whole milk crate of containers landed on my foot.

When we moved into our new apartment, I realized that the cabinet space in our new kitchen was, shall we say, limited. We repurposed my old dresser as a sideboard and determined that we had one small drawer (about 18"x12"x8") that we could devote to container storage. We have gradually replaced our older containers with the new Rubbermaid Easy Find* containers (red lids). Mr. H-B's mother also gave us a small set of the Rubbermaid premier containers (dark gray lids). There are still a few of the old, round, Rubbermaid containers that are perfectly good and still in use (round, blue lids).

This is a picture taken immediately upon opening the drawer. No straightening has been done. Several of the containers are in use in the fridge.

The majority of the containers we use come in two lid sizes, but come in graduated depths. So, instead of keeping track of a bunch of different styles and types of lids, I only need to worry about four. The beauty of the new Rubbermaid lids is that they all snap together. Why did no one ever think of this before? The other beauty? Square containers are more space efficient in the refrigerator and freezer.

We just purhcased a large container (for storing cookies--Holy cow, I'm officially my mother), which are normally annoying to store. We can't keep the lid on the container since we tend to get a lot of mildew in the Midwest. This new container's lid snaps to the bottom of it. Oh yes, it snaps on. Here's what this means: I no longer have to use the tongs to fish around on the top of the cabinet for the lid that has slipped behind the slow cooker because, hello, that's right, it's snapped to the bottom of the container.

Thanks, Rubbermaid, for saving my life!

*I have purchased all of my own food storage containers. I am not a Rubbermaid shill*.
*pssst...Hey, Rubbermaid, wanna send me some free containers?


llegue said...

Love the premium ones.I have them as well!

Señora H-B said...

So handy for storing all of those tomato-y things we eat.

Janssen said...

Wow, I need some of those!

Señora H-B said...

Do it!