This year, I have so much to be grateful for. In no particular order (except maybe the first few):

  1. Mr. H-B. He has put up with so much craziness in the last year. 
  2. My family. My parents, siblings, and sisters-in-law have all rallied around me as I try to get over the dissertation proposal hurdle.
  3. My in-laws. I am learning to appreciate the way Mr. H-B's family works (very differently from mine).
  4. My church family. I've really appreciated the friends that I have made in our new congregation.
  5. My church. I am grateful to know what I know.
  6. My friends. They listen. I listen. How did I get so lucky?
  7. My department. I am so blessed to be a part of my department. I've heard horror stories about hyper-competitive grad students. My experience has been one of supportive friends who are willing to share ideas and materials.
  8. Greta. She forces me to go for walks and get fresh air, even when I don't want to. She snuggles when I have a total meltdown. She makes me laugh with her antics.
  9. My psychiatrist. Also, antidepressants.
  10. My therapist. I pay her to listen and she does an excellent job. With her help, I've realized I need to change the way I deal with a lot of things in life. She has also helped me to see the way that I have changed the way I deal with a lot of things in life. 
  11. Money to buy food and pay for heat and hot water. 
  12. Our apartment. It has an office where I can pile my eleventy-billion library books and not trip over them every time I go in the kitchen.
  13. Netflix. I've discovered some truly wonderful television shows and movies. Also, some truly appalling ones.
  14. 4-month checkouts at the university library.
  15. A washer and dryer in our laundry room. I've had them since I moved to the Midwest, but I am even more grateful for them now than ever. 
  16. Swagbucks. I've earned $100-something in Amazon gift cards to help pay for important things like textbooks. And nail polish.
  17. My new laptop. My sad, sad, iBook G4 finally bit it completely in August. I replaced it with a bare bones PC. It has made my life much, much easier to have a speedy laptop so I can listen to all of my dissertation data. 
  18. My dissertation proposal. It has been brutal, but I have learned a lot about my area, but even more about myself.
  19. Cherry Coke Zero and Red Vines. These have gotten me through a lot of late nights this year. 
  20. Nail polish. I like looking at shiny, sparkly nails while spending hours typing. 
  21. Comfy shoes and warm socks.
  22. Down comforters.
  23. Cameras, blogs, and Facebook. I can keep up on my adorables nieces and nephews.
  24. East-facing windows. Sunlight sure makes getting up in the morning a little easier.
  25. My developing organ skills. I love learning to play, though I'm still afraid to tackle the pedals. Added bonus: my piano skills are getting better too.
Happy Thanksgiving, blog friends!

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