101 in 1001 Days--End of Month 1

This month, I've worked on several goal toward my 101 goals in 1001 days. I'll highlight those below. If you're interested, you can find the full list here.
4.   Write in a journal one time a week for three months (0/3)--I've managed to write every week this month. Hooray! I like writing in a journal. I find it therapeutic, but I only remember to do it when things are really crazy. It's a good habit that I'd like to develop. 

8.   Magnify organist calling
      a) Practice 60 minutes/week (4/135)--I go with Mr. H-B to church on Wednesday evenings, which gives me 60-90 minutes to practice the organ and piano. I don't set any goals right now, because it brings back too many memories of horrible 5 am practice sessions with my mom yelling "E-sharp! It's an E-sharp!"
       b) Plan each year’s music by January 31--It feels great to not have to worry about this every week.

9.    Read all Relief Society lessons ahead of time (2/135)--This has made it significantly easier for me to pay attention to lessons at church. 

10.  Listen to a conference talk on each morning commute (5/6 days commuting)--I really like the spiritual boost I get each morning on the way to work. 

11.   Pray as a couple 5 times a week for a month (10/20)

12.  Family Home Evening every Monday for 3 months (1/3)

13.  Go on a date with Mr. H-B every week (2/135)--I transferred responsibility to Mr. H-B for these activities. Last night we played Phase 10 and last week we watched a movie together. 

25.  Splurge on 2 new bras--I think this is the best goal I've accomplished this year. Good bras are like good shoes, things are just easier when your dogs (or ladies, sorry, my imaginary male readers) are comfortable

35.   See my therapist monthly when school is in session until I graduate (1/10)--My therapist rocks. Counseling services are free or deeply discounted for students, so it's silly for me not to work on some of my issues with a therapist while it's so inexpensive!

42.   Plan biweekly menus--Despite my love of cooking, I am really bad at making dinner if I don't have a plan. We eat out far too often. Based on the menus, we made a grocery list, shopping first at ALDI. Last semester I got super lazy and shopped at W*lm*rt. It's closer to our house and we could buy everything in the same place. We're back to ALDI, though, for most everything. 
       a) Make grocery list
       b) Shop at ALDI first

43.  Make a dent in my credit card debt
       a) Pay off VISA--It felt kind of awesome to see the balance of this card drop to $0.00. (Well, technically $1.60, but that'll be paid off on February 6th.) 
       b) Apply extra payments to Discover--This card has the highest interest rate, so I've been applying extra payments here.  
       c) Call AmEx and Discover about closing account to reduce interest rate--The companies didn't reduce our interest rate, but it takes some of the pressure off to know we can't add anymore to our debt. 

44.  Save all of my Swagbucks Amazon.com gift cards for the duration of the project--I've saved $15 so far and have another $5 coming in a couple of weeks. Hooray for free money!
   58.  Publish 2 articles/chapters--These are in progress. One is a book chapter that I worked on with my advisor. Since this was an invited chapter, we're just waiting to hear about the edits we'll need to make. The other is out for review to be included in a conference proceedings.  

  59.  Take 6 computer classes--I registered for a Photoshop class and a series of web development classes. I figure having a web development certificate might be advantageous when it comes time to write my CV. 
          a) Photoshop
          b) Website Development Certificate

   68.   Organize and declutter jewelry; clean tarnished pieces--All of my jewelry is sparkly and clean! I didn't get rid of anything, though there is a pair of earrings I think I'll send to my sister. Maybe... 

   75.   Add foam to couch and chair cushions--My legs don't fall asleep anymore when I sit on the couch. Hooray!

   84.   Cook 1 new recipe from each issue of Cook’s Illustrated
                a) Nov/Dec 2010 issue--Spaghetti and Meatballs for a Crowd--Delicious. I made a 1/2 recipe, which gave us leftovers for lunch. 
         86.  Blog every day for 30 days (0/30)--A third of the way through...

      Moving into the book and movie categories, I should note that I don't consider myself a reviewer. I can never pinpoint what I do and don't like about something--just that I do or don't like it. Basically just don't judge me for my lack of reviewing skills!

          93.  Read 20 20th and 21st century fiction books I haven't read before
                  Atonement Ian McEwan--I've been trying to read this book for ages. I always get about 10 pages in and then move on to something else. I will finish it this time. 
                  The Hunger Games (Trilogy) Suzanne Collins--I really liked these books. I generally don't like sci-fi/fantasty novels, but the story line was definitely interesting enough to keep me focused. (...and clearly I'm not a book reviewer....)

         95.   Read 20 classic works of fiction that I haven’t read before
                   Aeneid Virgil--Thanks to dailylit, I'm about 15% of the way through. I have always had difficulty staying focused when reading epic poetry. 

         96. Watch AFI top 100 movies
                   Jaws--Good, but not nearly as scary as I thought it was going to be. 
                   All about Eve--Enjoyable. That Eve is a whack-a-doodle-doo.


Amina said...

woooow! Congratulations Maria! You've inspired me to start making my 101 goals too!!

Grandma H said...

Well I'm exhausted! I've done nothing, haven't even made a list and yet I run all day. I need to focus! Thanks for the inspiration and can we RELAX a little when we come to see you in March?;)

bellas-gemelas said...

Ummm, I could always use a new pair of earrings... ;)

Señora H-B said...

Amina--Thanks! I'm so motivated by checklists, so this is awesome! :)

Mama--Of course we can relax. Although, you're probably going to have to help me out with some of the goals. I'm not sure which ones yet. :)

BG--Once we dig out from this ice, the jewelry is on its way!