Day 7--Inspiration

I know this must seem like the silliest inspirational piece. I purchased this Lladro rabbit for my grandma on my first trip to Spain. She always loved bunnies, often sparing them in her scathing tirades against raccoons, deer, and other animals that snacked on the flowers in her California yard.

When she passed away two years ago, my mom asked me if there was anything that I wanted from grandma's house. I requested the bunny, mostly because I had sacrificed precious carry-on luggage space for it. However, since finally remembering to bring the little figurine home this winter, it has sat on the desk in my home office. It is so not my decorating taste or style, but every time I look at it, I think of my grandmother. Even though she is no longer here to take my weekly phone calls and send me packages of Christmas M&Ms in April, it's almost like she's watching over me, encouraging me to work harder so she can brag to all of her friends. I miss her, but I sure like having a little something that she loved.

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