Day 8--Short-term Goals

January is such an easy month for goal-setting. I love the arrival of a new year, full of promise and hope. By February, however, things start to fall apart. I have a few short-term goals to share for the 30-day period that includes the month of February:
  1. Complete and file taxes. I like getting this done by mid-February for several reasons: it's easier to budget for the rest of the year knowing what we'll be getting back in taxes (or, alternatively, what we'll have to pay); Mr. H-B can file his FAFSA in time to be eligible for state grants (free money!); also, bragging rights. 
  2. Decide on the hymns I'll play as organist for the rest of the year. I hate flying by the seat of my pants. I just want to plan it all out, email it to the guy who handles the weekly bulletin, and be done with it. 
  3. Watch two AFI Top 100 movies. All of the movies I haven't seen yet are in our Netflix queue, so it's just a matter of either streaming them or moving them to the top of the mailed DVD queue. 
  4. Catch up on my backlog of Aeneid sections sent from Dailylit. I got a little overambitious about how much I'd be able to read and the Google Reader pile-up is a little overwhelming. 
  5. Get in touch with ING to re-open my savings account so that I can get started on slightly better money management.
Five goals is totally reasonable, right? 

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