Day 11--A Week in the Life

Maybe you wonder what on earth a grad student does during the week. Chances are, you don't really care, but I'm going to tell you anyway. 

Church from 1-4pm, so I try to get up early-ish and either practice the organ (we have a keyboard that fills in well) or prepare for church lessons. What I usually end up doing is watching Antiques Roadshow, though. At some point during the day we talk budget, menu plan for the week, and double-check our schedules for the upcoming week. 

Weekday mornings usually include 1-2 hours of work and some household chores before leaving the house. 

Teach from 1:25-4:25, but I try to leave our apartment when Mr. H-B does. In theory, this gives me a chance to get some work done before teaching. In practice, I often end up running errands and doing last-minute lesson planning. When I come home, Mr. H-B and I have some sort of Family Home Evening lesson. 

Mr. H-B has a 9am class, so I go with him and work on campus. I find that I get more done if I'm not home being distracted by television, laundry, Greta, or other things. We go grocery shopping on our way home from campus. 

Looks the same as Monday, but without the Family Home Evening. Instead, Mr. H-B and I go to the church for the evening. I practice the organ and piano and Mr. H-B helps lead the youth group in our congregation. Wednesday is also pizza night. Hooray!

Campus with Mr. H-B, then home to get some school and house work done.

Looks like Monday, except with three hours of office hours prior to teaching. Most Fridays, this means extra time on campus to do some work, but if there's an upcoming exam lots of students come in for visits. 

Sleep in, school work, house work, date night with Mr. H-B. 

I'll admit, it's a pretty cushy schedule. There's a lot of flexibility--some weeks are completely insane, others are really relaxed and I get to spend a lot of time working on personal interests like quilting, blogging, or decluttering. There are some days I definitely miss my 9-5, M-F work schedule, especially when school work turns into all-nighters or takes up the entire weekend. Most of the time, though, I love this life. 

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