Day 22--What Makes Me, Well, Me?

Like so many people, I think of many of my likes and dislikes as somewhat paradoxical. I think those paradoxes are part of what defines me.

  • I loathe American Idol, Survivor, the Bachelor(ette), and other reality shows. 
  • I love watching Top Chef, Hoarders, and Say Yes to the Dress.
  • I love listening to and playing classical music from a variety of composers.
  • I love listening to hip-hop, heavy metal, and country pop.
  • I love making gourmet-sounding dishes like boeuf bourguignon and pavlova. 
  • I love making cheesy potato casserole and stuffing from a box. 
  • I love eating cheeses from around the world--the smellier the better.
  • I love nothing more than a grilled cheese sandwich made with Kraft singles. 
Of course there are many other things that define me:
  • I'm a Mormon.
  • I'm a wife.
  • I'm a daughter.
  • I'm a sister.
  • I'm a linguist. 
  • I sew. 
  • I cook.
  • I clean. 
  • I read. 
  • I blog.
 I like being me, paradoxes and all. 

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