Day 24--Last Five Facebook Statuses

Four years ago I first started hearing about facebook. I was initially very resistant to the idea until a couple of good grad school friends convinced me to give it a try. Since then, I've become a bit of a junkie. I love keeping in touch with friends I've known since I was in kindergarten to the new friends I've made since we moved last year.


Oh, Friday, I corazon you.

One of my grad school friends coined 'I corazon you'. It makes me laugh because, frankly, I think Spanglish is hilarious. Thank you linguistics, for making me even nerdier than I ever was before.


Thursday: day to dream about glamorous weekend plans. Like lying on the couch in pajamas and watching episode after episode of Brothers & Sisters.

I remember watching the Emmy broadcast a few years back and hearing about Brothers & Sisters for the first time when Sally Field accepted an award for the show. I decided to give it a try because, hello, I love Sally Field (Steel Magnolias anyone?). I was instantly hooked and haven't missed an episode since. Mr. H-B and I recently watched Season 1 and now we're working our way through the other seasons. I like the messy family drama, but really it's all about The Field.


You know you're a grad student when you look forward to brown bag talks as a social opportunity.

I was so disappointed to discover that the brown bag talk last week was a literature talk. Not that I don't like my fair share of literature folk, I just can't sit through 25 minutes of someone reading a paper with no PowerPoint presentation. I realized that being disappointed that I wouldn't see my linguistics colleagues was a sure sign that I'm fully integrated into my life as a grad student.

Hands-down best aunt moment of the week: Convincing my Star Wars-loving nephew that [Mr. H-B] and I have a tauntaun named Greta . Also successfully answering questions like "Where does your tauntaun sleep?" and "What does your tauntaun look like on the inside?" and "Have you ever slept inside your tauntaun?"

Really, there's no explanation needed here. Mr. H-B would want me to add that his contribution to the conversation was telling SWLN that our tauntaun looks ridiculous going down the highway.


Rewriting the grocery list. Because I'm OCD like that.

We keep a running list on the fridge. When it comes time to make our menus for the week, I write down everything we need to round out what we have in our cupboards. Then, I rewrite the list by store (Aldi and Kroger), organized by the layout of the particular store. It makes for a less frazzled shopping experience. Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this.

What's your favorite Facebook or Twitter update of the week?

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