Day 25--Contents of My Purse

1. Junk: Silly Bandz left over from niece/nephew Valentines; prescriptions; credit card offers; pens.

2. Random stuff: keys (including the coveted elevator key for my building); some cable; a little tool with scissors; lock de-icer (a staple for the last few months of nasty weather).

3. Wallet: I love the color because it's easy to find in my purse. I also felt like a grown-up when I bought a wallet with a checkbook holder inside.

4. More random stuff: thread (seriously, who keeps thread in their purse? I don't know where it came from); a mini tackle box that i use as a pill box; eye and glasses care--glasses, re-wetting drops, and glass cleaning wipes.

5. Reading material and chewing gum. I will finish Atonement. I will finish Atonement.

6. Toiletries: I like being able to freshen up during the day, whether it's toothpaste and toothbrush or deodorant. I also hate ratty hair and dry skin. During the winter, there's always a possibility that I'll get stuck spending the night in the town where I teach. It would definitely happen if I didn't have these things on hand.

7. Purse: Dana Buchman for Kohl's. It's lined with tiger-striped satin. It's a lot easier to find things in a purse that doesn't have a black interior. It also has oodles of pockets.

8. Toiletries take 2: I'm not sure why I have 3 different lip glosses, but the nail clippers are to keep my rampant hangnails under control. All of the toiletry stuff goes in the little green bag.

Not pictured: my cellphone (because it was taking the picture) and my iPod shuffle (I honestly forgot that I have it since I haven't used it in awhile).

Weirdest thing in my purse: Definitely that cable.

What's the weirdest think in your purse/wallet?

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