Homemade Swiffer Pads

I love Swiffers, but I hate throwing away money with each wet Swiffer pad. As a broke student, it's just a little too painful. While I was making a bajillion burp rags I realized that cloth diapers would make a great substitute for the store-bought Swiffer pads.

I sewed a zig-zag line at the proper width for the Swiffer mop and then cut the pads down to size. I soak them in a vinegar and water solution, wring them out, and mop the floor. The work beautifully. As a bonus, the entire package of cloth diapers (six total) cost about half what a container of wet Swiffer pads costs.


Kim said...

I admire your ability to be so creative! I felt the same way about Swiffers, but I wasn't creative enough to come up with another solution.

Some questions for you:
1. Does it stink? :)
2. What is the ratio of vinegar to water you use?

Señora H-B said...


They don't stink. I only soak as many of the pads as I need for the day. They grew mildew when I tried to keep them all in a container.

I'd guess I do a 1:3 ration of vinegar:water. If the floor is really gross, I'll add a little more vinegar and use extra pads.