Works for Me Wednesday*--White Vinegar

I mentioned last week that I'm grateful for white vinegar. This week, I'd like to declare my undying affection for this divine elixir. I use it for so many things around our house.

We have incredibly hard water that leaves a film on everything. It's so easy to remove the build-up with a rag soaked in vinegar. I wrap it around the base of the faucet and leave it for a few minutes and it just disappears.

White vinegar removes the smell of dog (and dog messes) from carpet, furniture, and even Greta's bedding. I wash Mr. H-B's farm-dirtied clothes with a 1/2-cup of vinegar and it gets the smell of, well, the farm out.

I use it in place of Jet Dry in the dishwasher, mix it with water to mop the floors, and spray down our shower curtain with a vinegar solution to keep mildew from forming.

Vinegar works for me. How about for you?

*I follow a cookie blog that posts regular Works for Me Wednesday posts. I love reading the different tips that help different blog authors get things done more efficiently in a variety of areas of their lives.

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