Casa de los Botines

It's totally unoriginal to say that I love Gaudi, isn't it? Well, I do. I love looking at pictures of his whimsical designs all over Barcelona. Unfortunately, I've never made it to Northeast Spain. The first time I went to Spain, it was out of our study abroad program's budget (and I chose to go to Portugal when I had the chance to do extra travel). This last time, I got sick the weekend I was to take a quick trip to Barcelona. 

I've had to settle, then, for seeing some of Gaudi's earlier works in Northwest Spain. The Casa de los Botines is located in downtown Leon. 

The leaded windows are gorgeous.

My favorite detail, though, and please excuse the blurry pictures, is the statue of St. George slaying the dragon over the main entrance to the building. 

Going back over these pictures reminds me just how much I need to get back across the Atlantic and explore one of my favorite architect's creations.

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