Failure Is My Friend, Apparently

Oh, I had the grandest intentions to keep up with daily blogging. It was all fine and dandy until Spring Break arrived and my parents came to visit. And then, dear reader, it all went to hell in a hand basket.

Let's just say that some of us in the Hass-Bark household are neurotic. One of us, in particular, is especially anxious about making certain that the house is immaculate before any visitors arrive. It's really hard to live with a dog that's constantly vacuuming and mopping floors, let me tell you.

But seriously, I spent the beginning of Spring Break frantically accomplishing things (though I failed to not procrastinate grading my students' mid-term exam...oh well). We had food in the fridge that would be appropriate for my sometimes-South-Beach-following parents, clean sheets on the futon, and freshly mopped floors. We also hid a stack of 30+ DVDs that had been residing on top of the blu-ray player because Greta doesn't ever put them away. That jerk.

My parents' visit was wonderful. We went to museums, the zoo, and watched movies. Greta fell in love with Papa Rich, despite being mortally terrified of bald men and people with glasses (my dad is a double threat in this department, as you'll see below). They took long walks to feed the geese nesting behind the apartment complex. Papa would throw bread in the water and Greta would go in after it. You can imagine that the geese were none to excited about that. Greta even let Papa Rich hold her like a baby, an activity that usually sends her into a spread-toed, eyes-straight-ahead, panic mode.

Look at that paw hooked around my dad's arm.
Look at how those pupils are of a normal, unterrified size.
Greta, the coyote.


Cathryn said...

Greta is such a well-loved grandpuppy!

Señora H-B said...

She really, really is. Silly Greta.

Amelia Hohl said...

So first of all, I feel like a jerk because I never put your blog on my list and so I never thought to read it. I'm so sorry. I was thinking of you the other day because I finally located my old typepad blog and linked it to my blog list and I read about when you came to visit me in NYC. That was so long ago! We're actually moving out to Utah for fellowship in July so we're out of Pittsburgh and I haven't even met your husband yet! haha. Well, at least I can keep up with you know that I added you. Tell your parents hi for me. I miss them. Oh, and I should tell you that I'm pregnant again. I have really loved having three kids and found it so invigorating and not stressful that I decided to keep going until I have a breakdown, which might be this baby since I will have four kids who are five and under. Three of which will be three and under. Ugh. I wish you could come visit me after I have the baby in October. I miss you!