Wall Hanging Quilt

My mother-in-law collects two things: quilts and blue-and-white china. She has many quilts hanging on the walls in her home. Three of the rooms in the Bark house are decorated in blue and white. When I saw this pattern on Heather Bailey's blog, I knew I wanted to try it out. I left the frilly edges off because they didn't seem to fit my mother-in-law's style. (OK, fine, I was terrified of them too.)

Choosing the fabrics was so much fun! I spent several hours in the fabric store finding the best possible mix of blue and white fabrics. I bought fat quarters and tortured the poor woman at the cutting counter with a giant stack of bolts to be cut.

The individual squares were not nearly as difficult to make as I had anticipated. Each one of them came together in just a few minutes. Following all that sewing, I trimmed the squares with my handy-dandy 12.5" square. I pressed the seams away from the center of the quilt squares so to make the final product as smooth as possible, I stitched around the edges of each square.

Mr. H-B helped me arrange the finished squares into the final quilt. By the time I had looked at all of the blue and white fabric for days on end, I couldn't tell what looked patchy or scrappy enough.

I think our first joint quilt effort was a success! (And so does my mother-in-law, as evidenced by the fact that the quilt now hangs in the master bedroom.)


Camie said...

Wow!! what a generous gift of love and time--that is so thoughtful of you! I wish I were closer so we could quilt together!~

Grandma H said...

I'm so happy I taught you how to sew;)haha. It looks great! So proud of you:)

Señora H-B said...

Camie--That would be so fun! Sewing is fun, but it's even more fun when you're not doing it on your own!

Mama--Thanks for all of those sewing lessons. ;) You taught me plenty of other things!