Works for Me Wednesday--Poster Tack

I have never been able to keep pictures hanging straight on the wall. I'm obsessive enough that crooked pictures drive me up a wall. I don't know if I don't hammer the nail in far enough (or maybe I hammer it in too far?) or if the hangers on the pictures are crooked, but it just doesn't happen for me. 

In my last apartment, I tried double-sided tape to help my pictures stay level. Unfortunately, the combination of too-sticky tape and cheap, flat paint, meant a lot of extra spackling and touch-ups when it was time to move out. 

Why it never occurred to me to use the wonder that is poster tack is beyond me. I stick a pea-size piece of poster tack on the bottom edges of the frames and press them to the wall. The pictures in our house are (mostly) level and the paint remains intact. Win-win! 

Poster tack works for me. Do you have any picture-hanging tricks?


Icarus said...

I have used sticky-tack too in the past and love it. BUT be carefuly because the sticky-tack has an oil in it and if it is left on the wall for very long the oil soaks into the paint and you are left with a stain that is hard to paint over and can be worse than if the paint were removed from the wall all together. Sorry to burst your bubble. :)

Señora H-B said...

Oh man! Thanks for the heads up!

Jennifer said...

My trick? Have the hubby do it with his laser level! I did use poster tack in the class room when I was a teacher though. The walls were concrete and really ought to have been padded. :)

I am visiting from WFMW and wrote about monthly menu plans today.

Señora H-B said...

I definitely think that we could use a laser level in this house!