Works for Me Wednesday--Swish and Swipe

I'm a big fan of the FlyLady because the OCD side of me loves routines. Though I'm imperfect at following through with all of the scheduling tips, there are a few that I do use religiously.

I hate cleaning the bathroom. Especially when the counters get nasty with hairspray. Let's just say that toilets are the bane of my existence. Our bathroom has really poor ventilation, so the bowl gets mildewed in about 30 seconds. Add a man to the mix and, well, toilets are just gross.

I discovered swish and swipe and it has made all the difference. I keep the following things in the bathroom: a pile of cotton wash cloths, a bottle of window cleaner, and soap (I've used dish soap, dishwasher detergent, and leftover toilet bowl cleaner). Each morning I spray a cloth with window cleaner and wipe down the mirror, vanity counter, and the sink bowl and fixtures. I then wipe the tub fixtures and the outside edge of the tub (it tends to get dusty). Finally I wipe the back of the toilet, the lid, the seat and rim before putting a couple of drops of soap in the bowl. The last step is scrubbing the bowl and throwing the wash cloth on the floor of the laundry room. In about two minutes, the bathroom is always presentable.

It works for me to swish and swipe. How do you handle bathroom cleaning?


Miko's Girl said...

I LOVE the FLYLADY and swish and swipe works well for me. Stopped over from WFMW.

Anonymous said...

I so need to get in this habit. Funny, my post today is about Doing it Now, but I don't incorporate this! :)

Stopped over from WFMW!