Insomniac Secrets

It's 3:12am in Hass-Bark land. Mr. H-B is snoring softly. Greta is whimpering and twitching, chasing imaginary bunnies in a fantasy land. I'm wide awake. Listening to brown noise on my white noise app. The brown noise is less...noisy. I've already taken 1/2 a Xanax (blessed be its name)...and...nothing. Maybe sleep isn't in the cards for me tonight. How about some detailed facts, selected at random?

  • I currently have bright pink toenails. I painted them cotton candy pink today and they make my feet look tan (ha! less pasty, let's be honest here). I am in love with brilliantly-painted toenails. They can be covered up in a professional attire emergency and they're not as in-your-face as brightly-colored fingernails. Plus, my fingernails are just wimpy, causing every polish I've ever tried to crack and peel.
  • One of the perks of having chosen to go the diamond-less route re: wedding jewelry is that I can change up my choice of ring with no guilt about not wearing Nana Prissy-Pants' heirloom diamond (or the Kay Jewelry special, as the case may be). My three-dollar handmade Peruvian silver band (doesn't that sound fancy? it's not) split on the solder line a few weeks ago. Even though the band is engraved, I felt no sadness and might even have skipped a bit for joy at the prospect of picking out a new wedding ring. Is that bad?
  • I decided to give myself a two-week vacation from school work. No grading. No dissertating. No thinking about job market woes. Last week Mr. H-B and I traveled with some friends to an amusement/water park for the day. I am still sore from my roller coaster ride, but it was totally worth the pain and sunburn for a day away from the stresses of our real lives.
  • I also sewed 21 baby blankets last week. They are double-sided (mostly flannel backed with quilting cotton). That means I had 42 WHOLE YARDS of fabric in my stash. Out of control, friends. Out of control.
  • This week I was afflicted with my new summer illness of choice: swollen soft palate, uvula, and Eustachian tubes resulting in the most excruciating sore throat, along with a fever and general malaise. The perils of not having tonsils, I suppose.  I have spent the last three days taking it easy (no mean feat for an OCD perfectionist, let me tell you). For the first time in recent memory, I did nothing. I watched Netflix, ate frozen grapes, and napped. I believe I am now eligible for world-champion-level napping. 
What about you? Tell me something interesting about you.


Jena Nicole said...

Neither, Lunesta or Ambien work for me... Or, Tylenol PM.
I'm glad to know I'm not alone in the "Sleeping medications are useless for my insomnia" club.
Also, I too am into very brightly colored toe nails.

Amina said...

like you I've been struggling with insomnia. I go to sleep at maybe 3:30 or 4am...
Still haven't written one single line of my proposal. In fact, I haven't read a book..well unless cooking books count. All I do is watch cartons with a simple plot. For instance: the smurfs.

I also spend hours on my vision board and wondering how I will raise future kids. LOL

I play the sims too...that's about it.
And yes part of me thinks that my advisor must be rolling his eyes at me because I haven't written the proposal and "wasting my summer"

Señora H-B said...

Jena--Yay for brightly-colored nails! I have Ambien, but I loathe it. I have horrifically vivid dreams the night AFTER I take it. Shudder.

Amina--I'm sorry you're in the same boat. I'm ending my self-imposed vacation next week. Then I have to get to work. Maybe...

bellas-gemelas said...

My toenails are painted hot pink too! It must genetic.

Señora H-B said...

bg--Definitely. :)