Independence Day

I love Independence Day. I love that it's festive without the stress of fulfilling everyone's Christmas gift fantasies or Thanksgiving dinner dreams. I enjoy getting together with family and friends to enjoy a barbecue, drink lots of full sugar soda (mmmm....cream soda....), and light sparklers.

Yesterday was no exception. We had oodles of summer salads (Thai cucumber, sweet corn, shrimp and pea, frog eye, and fruit), tasty burgers, and cases of tasty soda. Greta was in heaven, frolicking with the kids and eating bits of everything from everyone. We had lots of great conversations with friends, new and old. We topped off the evening with fireworks viewed from the back of an old Ford pickup.

Oh, there was the tiny little incident where Mr. H-B's niece fell off a 5-foot-tall round hay bale and broke her forearm, bending it back 90 degrees. That was gross-looking and a little dramatic. She is just fine, no surgery, and she got to come home after just three hours at the ER. Plus, she has an awesome story and will get to have a cool-colored cast that we can all sign.

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