Patriotism Through Polish

Nail polish and I are not always on the best of terms. As a teenager, I had an embarrassing reaction to nail polish that involved tight, itchy, red patches of skin all over my face, down my neck and chest and, of course, all over my arms and hands. My mom described it as looking like a burn victim because the skin was so tight on my face that I couldn't really smile or frown. Weird, no? Well, after much trial and error, we figured out that the sensitivity was to either formaldehyde or toluene. Since then, I've avoided polishes containing those ingredients, generally sticking to cheaper brands. Mostly, though, I've left my nails alone.

That is, until I discovered the world of nail polish blogs. Now I think I need an intervention. Most polishes no longer contain formaldehyde (and I recently discovered that toluene isn't a problem), so my cosmetic world just exploded. I've been experimenting with new colors (green and blue!?), all sorts of glitter, and even multi-colored manis and pedis.

Mr. H-B's nieces are always checking out my nails, so I decided to go patriotic on the 4th with a flag-themed manicure. I felt a little self-conscious, but it was really fun to go all out with nail polish.

Do you do nail polish? Do you have another cosmetic obsession? Am I shallow?


Jena Nicole said...

I think as long as your nails don't resemble claws, it's fine.
I really love your patriotic nails... I'm totally inspired.

Amina said...

I love it!! I am not into nails...I bite them when I am nervous(embarrassed)

Grandma H said...

So cute!!

melissa said...

Not shallow. Especially since you're doing it yourself and not wasting gobs of money on fake nails. (You aren't, are you? :) Unfortunately I have the opposite problem - I have a lack of any cosmetic obsession whatsoever these days, much to the dismay of my husband I'm sure... But if I do try to keep up with one thing, it's having my toenails painted. Sinful has a pink color called Folly that I love. And I never knew there was such a thing as a nail polish blogs... I'm scared to even look for fear that I would get sucked in.