21 Day Challenge--Day 10 (Orphan)

Today's outfit includes a closet orphan (an item that doesn't get worn often, if it all). I bought this skirt several years ago--before I got married, I think. It's two colors of turquoise, but it has brown in it. I don't own a lot of brown...anything. Therefore, it doesn't get a lot of play. Right now it's a little on the small side, so it gets even less play. However, I can see that it's not Goodwill material quite yet. 

Jacket - Christiana Zinn (TJ Maxx)
Tank - Fashion Bug
Skirt - St. John's Bay
Brown suede flats - Land's End

Amber ring - TJ Maxx

Amber & Turquoise earrings - TJ Maxx
TJ Maxx is one of my favorite sources for amber jewelry. I wear a lot of amber for a couple of reasons:

  1. I love the way it looks.
  2. It's a less-expensive alternative to my birthstone yellow topaz/citrine.
  3. It's almost always set in silver--I don't really care for gold jewelry.
If you pay close attention (or know Mr. H-B and me), you'll see that the 'B' behind me has changed color since Monday. It was turquoise for about 10 minutes because, as it turns out, Mr. H-B absolutely hates the color turquoise. I re-painted the 'B' bronze and kept a couple of turquoise accents elsewhere. Just a little family drama to keep me on my toes!


Zannah said...

So I just re-found your blog within the past few days (and was glad to learn that I wasn't the only one to have a hard time adjusting to marriage at first) and I must say that I really love the jacket. It looks *great* in every way you've worn it.

Nemesis said...

Sorry your husband is stifling your turquoise dreams (boo!) but I really like your outfit!

Amy said...

Don't goodwill that skirt, there is so much potential with it. Brown is one of my favorite colors, is that weird?