21 Day Challenge--Day 11 (Wear a Skirt or Dress)

I've worn skirts for all but one day of this challenge, so I decided to go hog wild and wear a dress today. Never mind that it's the only dress I own. I decided to layer a little bit and wear a cardigan and ANOTHER BELT! 

Grey Cardigan - Lands' End
Dress - Style & Co (via Macy's)
Belt - Wal-mart
Pewter Sandals - Born BOC (via TJ Maxx)

Earrings - Kohl's (They're so much heavier than I thought
they would be. Fun, but heavy.)

Ruby and Silver Ring - TJ Maxx (The ruby is incredibly
occluded, so the ring was totally reasonable.)
Here's my secret: I haven't washed my hair since Monday. Are you grossed out? I have been following the advice from hairstylist Caitlyn since the beginning of the year. I wash my bangs almost daily (though not today, hence their being pulled back) because I have a super oily forehead. I only wash the rest of my hair a maximum of twice a week--and that's only if I do something that gets my hair totally gross (like that time we helped our friends move in to their new house on the hottest day of the summer).

I have tried a lot of dry shampoos to help get me through without washing daily; my current favorites are Pssst and Suave. They add a lot of oomph to my hair and help it to do things like hold curl, which it has never done before. My hair is healthier than ever before, it seems like it's growing faster (but that could just be my imagination) and my daily routine is significantly shorter now that I don't have to dry my hair each morning.

Do you have any dirty hair secrets?


Kelly said...

I generally wash my hair every other day, except for when I swim laps more than one day in a row. I have incredibly dry skin and I find if I let the natural oils in my hair recover a bit, my scalp isn't quite as tight and dry. Also, my hair looks less frizzy on day 2.

Señora H-B said...

Kelly, I've been totally surprised by how much more awesome my hair looks now that I don't wash it every day. I get so many more compliments now. Yay!

Amy said...

Oh how I love dirty hair, in a non gross way. It just does so much more when it's not silky smooth. I always wear my hair in a ponytail on top of my head when I go to bed, not flattering in the slightest, but it saves my hair from getting greasy and oily when I sleep. That's my go to secret for not having to wash my hair too often.

Señora H-B said...

Ok, I thought the ponytail on top might have been helping, now I'm convinced!

Lisa said...

When mine is long I can go days between washing, but it gets oilier now that it's short (for me.) I typically wash it every third day and I think it looks fine, esp when it's in a ponytail and therefore I don't have my hands in it all day. I've never tried dry shampoo tho, and now I want to.

Amina said...

I love your sense of style! That dress is goorgeous and you have beautiful accessories!! taking notes!!!
and like you I love washing my hair less frequently.. :)

Saralyn said...

Love the print dress.