21 Day Challenge--Day 13 (Neutral with a Pop)

What a perfect challenge for a lazy Saturday spent prepping lesson plans for my first week of school. I'm wearing a skirt you've seen before (though not my re-mix skirt--gotta get that one in one more time for extra points....) as well as a necklace you've seen before (this time with close-ups!).

Yeah, I know I'm making a weird face in the photo below. This was the best picture of the 30+ that I took. I guess my face just isn't in the mood to not look weird.

T-shirt - Walmart
Skirt - Target
Crocs - TJ Maxx
I have to confess that the only reason I'm wearing anything remotely resembling a shoe is that I had to run Ms. Greta out to the potty this morning. She likes to swim, so Crocs (legit or fake) are my go to shoe because I don't have to worry about her dripping her smelly fur water on shoes that I can't easily clean.

Necklace - Target, re-engineered by yours truly
About the necklace. If I'm not mistaken, the large red beads were, at one time, strung more closely together. However, I like how far apart they are now. I especially love the large, rectangular bead. I might play with it a lot when I'm teaching...

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Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Love the pop! Neutrals can be so super gray... love the comfy crocs too!