21 Day Challenge--Day 14 (Copycat!)

I searched around the internet for an outfit that I felt like I could recreate without buying (anymore) new clothes. I liked this outfit:

But then I remembered that own exactly zero graphic Ts (I'm not counting the ratty one advertising my university's language fair...). Also, today is Sunday.

So I decided to mine Kayla's archives for an inspirational outfit. I found this one:

I have a maxi skirt, I have belts, and I have a new shirt I want to try out. It's pink and black, but Kayla's my inspiration!

Shirt - French Laundry Woman
Maxi Dress - Target
Belt - Wal-mart
Wedges - Lands' End
Bracelet - Target
Earrings - Kohl's
Rings - Etsy

This outfit was super comfortable, though I should have checked the hem a little more carefully before taking the picture. Apologies for my hair. We were running late this morning, so these are post-church pictures. I really need a hair cut....


Kayla said...

That's one I've repeated countless times myself. SO comfortable. And maxis make you look tall, in my opinion. You look fab!

Freckles in April

Sarah said...

You look great and have totally succeeded in making me a believer in belts.

Nemesis said...

Seriously, belts + you = great. I love that outfit.

Señora H-B said...

Thanks, all. I love the long skirt thing. I can't believe I've been denying myself the possibility of not shaving my legs *and* wearing a skirt. Amazing!